Review of Corporate Services Offered - Leach Wallace Associates Inc.

Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. provides expert consultancy in the areas which require mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services, energy systems design and evaluation, commissioning, testing and balancing services. Having almost 30 years track record in these areas, the company has a large clientele which has come to trust its valuable and dependable capability to put on-stream projects that require the highest standards in engineering system design and operation. No wonder their clients continue to trust the firm’s efficient delivery of consistently excellent services.     


With its vast exposure in various project issues and solutions, Leach Wallace has gained the competence and flexibility to comprehend the requirements of its many clients, particularly in the identification and potential choices that lead to the ultimate optimum design of mechanical and electrical systems. The process of arriving at the recommended solutions demands a period of thorough discussion and conceptualization in the project development stage until its full completion. Applying its broad perspective gained from many years of experience to avoid being scammed, Leach Wallace consulting engineers can readily present the project’s road map through the expected opportunities and risks projected by possible alternatives. Along with that technical overview, the company can also provide cost projections and economic evaluation as integral parts of the total development process. The aim in all this procedure is to constantly consider the benefits that the clients will gain from the project’s continued implementation.


Mechanical engineering, essentially, covers many kinds of building-systems design, which include air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, plumbing, specialty piping systems and fire prevention. All these serve as the heart and soul of a structure’s internal life which, in turn, allows humans to efficiently and comfortably occupy what would otherwise be cold, damp, dark or hot physical spaces only fit for pests and other low creatures. Leach Wallace, thus, provides a special and valuable contribution to the improvement and maintenance of social and economic progress in the country. It continues to deliver quality professional consultancy as a commitment to satisfy the needs of its enterprising clients who form part of the nation’s engine for growth and development.

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Leach Wallace Associates Inc Consulting Engineers: MEP Engineering


Mechanical engineering encompasses several types of building systems design, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, specialty piping systems and fire protection. Mechanical engineering projects can range from the reuse, retrofit or replacement of existing systems to the design of new central heating and cooling plants. The primary design objective for mechanical systems is to maximize value to the client with a final designed and installed mechanical system. Maximization of value involves more than simply selecting a system with the lowest life cycle cost but needs to incorporate consideration of factors such as future flexibility and redundancy.


Electrical engineering systems design involves medium to low voltage power, emergency generation and distribution, lighting and telecommunication systems. In designing electrical systems, energy efficiency is always a top priority. Systems are designed with respect to future flexibility and growth. Services provided in electrical engineering include a multitude of projects ranging from lights and receptacles for an office renovation to emergency generation.

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Leach Wallace Associates Inc Consulting Engineers: Chilled Water/Ice Station, Comfort Link

Leach Wallace Associates, Inc. designed the chilled water/ice plant, (designed for off-peak generation and storage of ice for use during peak electrical billing hours. The 16,000-ton system incorporated four centrifugal glycol chillers for ice building and peak chilled water production with four centrifugal water chillers for day/night operation. The glycol chillers operate to produce ice in the evenings, and if necessary, chilled water through plate and frame heat exchangers during the day, when cooling demands exceed the thermal ice storage capacity.


Ice storage is provided through one 30,500 ton/hour above grade ice storage tank located within the building. Some of the other major system components include six 350 HP chilled water distribution pumps which are serving the secondary distribution loop to the Comfort Link customers, 10 rooftop induced draft cooling towers and 13.2 KV primary service. The secondary chilled water distribution loop was designed to be connected to the secondary distribution loop from Comfort Link Plant No. 1 in the Convention Center and Plant No. 2 (Market Center) at Saratoga and Eutaw Streets. Provisions were provided for the incorporation of future peak shaving generators that would be located in a neighboring building.

Source: http://www.leachwallace.com/comfort-link-chilled-waterice-station-Comfort-Link

Leach Wallace Associates Inc Consulting Engineers: NICU Replacement & Expansion, Children's National Medical Center

Leach Wallace Associates provided professional engineering services for the fifth floor of the East Addition of Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC), to become the new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The new NICU required approximately 27,000 SF of space on the floor, with access to the adjacent rooftop helipad. The fitout included 40 primarily private NICU beds, six isolation beds in private rooms, and provisions for six future NICU beds. In addition, space was provided for parent sleeping rooms, on call rooms, nursing stations and work areas, utility rooms, office and conference space, and other related support space.


Extended within the fifth floor ceiling space from those connection points in the core and shell package were the supply and return air, heating hot water, domestic water, sanitary and vent piping, and medical gas systems. A new isolation exhaust fan was located on the roof of the sixth floor above and ducted, via an existing shaft to the fifth floor ceiling space. General exhaust fans provided under the core and shell documents were rebalanced or replaced to accommodate the additional general exhaust air needs of the fifth floor fitout . The project required upgrades and extensions to the various existing electrical systems; including, normal and emergency power distribution, lighting, fire alarm and detection systems, telephone and various internal communications systems. Each NICU bed location was served from two separate critical branch distribution networks for improved reliability and ease of maintenance. Indirect lighting was installed throughout all patient care areas with dimming and lighting controls.

Source: http://www.leachwallace.com/NICU-Replacement-and-Expansion-Childrens-National-Medical-Center

Leach Wallace Associates Inc Consulting Engineers: Armed Forces Retirement Home, Scott Building

The project constructs a new 4-story, 175,000 square foot building, which accommodates 60 residents, on the Armed Forces Retirement Home, Scott Building site in Washington, D.C. The scope of this project included the demolition of the existing retirement home and the construction of the new Scott Building. The new building includes 36 long term care rooms, 24 memory support rooms, a commercial kitchen, dining room, health and wellness center, multipurpose room and other residential services and administrative functions. The project was a design-build effort with Cooper Carry Architects and Hensel Phelps to modernize the facility.


Leach Wallace designed all new major mechanical and electrical systems for the facility. These systems include heating hot water boilers, chilled water plant, air handling units, domestic hot water plant, emergency generator plant, and normal and emergency power distribution equipment.


The upper two floors are for assisted living and consist of living space for the occupants. The bottom two floors have support space for the occupants such as kitchen and dining, multi-purpose rooms, medical clinic, and swimming pool.


The project was designed and has earned LEED Platinum certification. This project received the 2013 DBIA (Design Build Institute of America) Mid-Atlantic Region Awards, Healthcare category, Honorable Mention award, the 2013 Associated Builders and Contractors, Award of Excellence, as well as the Best Institutional Facility as presented at the 2013 Awards of Excellence Gala by NAIOP Maryland/DC Chapter.

Source: http://www.leachwallace.com/scott-long-armed-forces-retirement-home